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From Beginning

From the ancient time we are dependent on photography to preserve our golden moments and day by day this dependency is increasing. Photography is the best way to store the golden moments and frame them. These moments will be recalled years after years, generation after generation. Hence an expert hand is needed to bring in perfection. As photography in various forms of life enters into the domestic wall; birthdays, first rice-eating ceremonies (in bengali "Annaprashan"), marriages, lectures, conferences, meetings and even funerals etc., people urges to store it for the future generation or to share those moments to their near and dear ones easily.

To satisfy these quests, urges and desires of the people cameraonclick.com is the best one. With the help of the expert and experienced photographers, we try to capture those moments and make them perfect. It is not only a professional site for best photography, but we also work according to the circumstances of peoples' choices, time of taking pictures of proper moments, peoples' desire, their needs etc. An artist’s final touch makes an object or figure beautiful in a single canvas. We prefer timing, framing, and angel to make moments golden.


We are doing photography since 1980. From the analogue system and manual operating, we upgraded day by day and finally digitalized ourselves. Our one and only motto is to take the best photographs. We started our journey with analogue cameras and the lab printed pictures were used to be delivered to the customers after a delay of 10-15 days. Later on we moved ourselves into the digital world. In this long journey we moved towards perfection and digitization. At present we have many expert handed photographers and updated cameras, this is how we moved and adjusted with the cyber age. Our experience, expertization, sincerity, devotion and punctuality differentiates us from the others. We always try to capture the best moments and to draw them in a single canvas.

We work as a team and always try to fulfill your requirements only....
May be called as the best, as we offer :

  1. Various packages for all types of programs.
  2. Photo-book albums of various events.
  3. Accurate photography of figures and objects.
  4. Passport and Portfolio also with studio environments.
  5. Various types of editing qualities according to user requirement.
  6. Delivery on due date (it may depends on your co.-operation in all respect).
  7. We offer photography services as per customer requirement and as well as within the budget.
  8. Photography with various types of upgraded digital instruments.
  9. Online accessibility of your event (i.e. can be share with your friends and family through web).
  10. Friendly atmosphere of our all team members and many more.

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